Asian Sex Dairy- Vinny indonesia 2018

Asian Sex Dairy- Vinny indonesia 2018
Asian Sex Dairy- Vinny indonesia 2018
WATCH ME CREAMPIE THSI FUN AND HORNY ASIAN MAID ON VIDEO NOW Dear Diary – Woke up and have been chatting all day, again, until I got one of my housemaids agreeing to meet at night – after work. A horny Asian maid that had 2 hours for me. Time enough for my little bang-party! Took a walk around my hotel before she arrived and checked out “God’s hair salon”! Chinese!  Another success tonight, as I got that horny Asian maid to drop in. Vinny, a 23yo maid, works for a Chinese family in Kowloon. Nice young Asian MILF body with hanging tits. The perfect horny maid that I needed for this trip. A very sweet lady and eager to please her foreigner date. We went straight to business, undressing her and presenting my dick for a good housemaid blowjob. Much better head than that cute Asian maid Asha’s 2 days ago. Great fuck, as well. Vinny was horny and begging to get creampied before having to hurry back to her bosses house. I have a feeling that this HK trip is going to be very pleasing!vinny the best porn videos

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